Dragonball Gets New Posters

Com. So Im not the target audience for this, so I ll refrain from further comments. Honestly, what exactly look Id expect from a movie like this (see. More than once Ive been corrected when Ive put Dragonball and Dragonball Z in the same boat, and I couldnt tell you what the plot d live action film, Dragonball Evolution is based on. Im sure the wrong person to report on the Dragonball next film, since I also just have a passing knowledge of the exhibition. Here a look at the posters, embedded below courtesy of IGN.: DOA, X-Men, etc.). They feature the key cast members in various places, apparently looking bad-ass. Click on the small version to see a larger version to their site. Without more knowledge of the franchise, Heres what I can tell you - there are four new poster promoting the film.

15.12.08 07:23

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